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Top Uses for Portable Restroom Trailers

Finding a portable restroom that perfectly suits your needs can be difficult. This is especially true when you’re organizing an event that requires high-quality or luxurious bathrooms. Fortunately, there is a special product you can rent that perfectly replicates the experience of using a bathroom at home: the portable restroom trailer.

At On Site, we offer a variety of quality luxury trailers with flush toilets and running water sinks. To help you decide whether these units are the right choice for your event, we’re going to teach you a little more about portable restroom trailers and which occasions they’re perfect for.

1: Special Events

When you’re planning a wedding, formal party, or any other upscale special event and find yourself in need of additional restrooms, you want to rent portable facilities that exude class. Standard porta potties are perfectly functional and sanitary, but they just can’t provide the comfort and additional features your guests deserve. That’s where portable restroom trailers come in. Depending on how luxurious you want to make your event, you can rent units with mirrors, lights, porcelain sinks, individual stalls, or even marbled walls and countertops!

Portable restroom trailers will allow your guests to check their hair and makeup, change clothes, and spruce up a bit between dances and activities. This makes them a natural fit for large weddings and parties. And if you want to add a touch of personality and flair, you can decorate these units with ribbons, trinkets, or art pieces to match the theme and look of your party.

2: Corporate Retreats

Depending on the culture and personality of your organization, your corporate retreats can take many different forms. Some of the most refreshing and fun retreats occur at exotic outdoor locations, but these venues usually don’t have enough facilities for your entire team. Without proper foresight and planning, you may find yourself stuck in the middle of a long line of coworkers waiting to use the bathroom (or worse yet, the nearest bush). Making use of portable restroom trailers is an easy and affordable way to rectify this issue.

Whether your corporate retreat involves a camping adventure, hiking trips, or river rafting, you’ll need comfy and accommodating places to use the bathroom. For semi-formal events like these, large trailers with multiple toilets and separate male and female entrances will work best. If you have a relatively small party, just one of these units will take care of everyone. And if you want to make things particularly luxurious, consider a trailer with simulated wood flooring, china sinks, individual stalls, and a stereo system.

Note: Make sure you take the weather conditions of your retreat location into consideration when choosing a trailer too. Particularly hot or cold areas will require heating or air conditioning systems to keep everyone comfortable. Trust us, your coworkers will thank you for it.

3: Home Remodels

It’s difficult to find places to use the bathroom when your home’s toilets are busted or being swapped out. This is especially problematic when you have a large family or young children. You can certainly survive by taking road trips to the local gas station every time someone has to go or by renting standard porta potties, but most families prefer restrooms that are more spacious and convenient. This is another situation where portable restroom trailers shine.

When you find yourself without bathrooms in your home, renting a large restroom trailer with at least two toilets will work best. When in doubt, go with a larger model. If your shower is also rendered un-usable, you could also rent a shower trailer. On Site has a two-stall combination restroom and shower trailer that will give you hot showers and flushing restrooms with nothing but a garden hose and standard electrical plugin.

4: Disaster Relief

Natural disasters can occur anywhere at any time. These tragic and destructive events create a demand for quality restrooms and sanitation facilities to ensure that waste is disposed of properly. If you need to provide bathrooms after a heat wave, tornado, hailstorm, or blizzard, portable restroom trailers are an invaluable tool. Classiness and luxury aren’t exactly top priorities when you’re dealing with damaged and destroyed homes, but offering facilities with lights, flushing toilets, and clean running water will be a welcome relief for victims of natural disasters.

A large number of small portable restroom trailers is a solid choice for disaster relief efforts. These units are inexpensive, but that doesn’t mean they’re chintzy or weak. In fact, small trailers with stainless steel flush bowls and tough plumbing systems can handle any number of users and still look brand new at the end of the day. At Onsite, we offer a Deluxe Flush Luxury Restroom Trailer that works beautifully for these situations. This model features solar-powered lights, a hand wash station with a separate reservoir to keep its water safe from waste, and a double-walled and roto-molded design that can easily endure rough transport conditions.

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Ready to rent a restroom trailer for your event? Then it’s time to do some research online and find a nearby provider. On Site provides quality and affordable bathroom trailers for event planners across the Midwest. Follow this link to see our list of locations. Our ordering process is incredibly easy. Just decide on which (and how many) trailers you’d like, head to this quote page, and enter in some basic information about your event. Best of all, we take care of the entire delivery and retrieval process, so you don’t have to worry about renting trucks or hiring muscle to haul your bathrooms around.

If you have any questions or concerns about our products or services, then feel free to message us. We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to fill out a quote request form to get pricing and info or give us a call at 651.429.3781.

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