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Our Infrastructure Investment

February 17, 2020

One of the advantages On Site Companies has after thirty years in business is we have built the infrastructure to do anything you need. Infrastructure is an investment companies must make in themselves if they are not only to grow but also be able to serve their customers best.

Location Location Location

A key piece of infrastructure On Site brings is our multiple locations. While we are headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, we have three other branches in Minnesota and one in St. Louis, Missouri. With our branches in southern Minnesota (Rochester and Mankato) and our branch in Duluth, we are able to cover the entirety of the state. When you add in St. Louis, we have a large area of coverage in the Midwest.

What does our geography mean for our customers? For our construction customers, it means if you’ve worked with On Site in one area, you can bring us with you when start a new project, keeping the equipment and service standards you’re accustomed to.

It also means we have a pipeline to easily move equipment around to make sure we always have what our customers need when and where they need it.

Inventory Managed

The next investment On Site has made over the years is in our inventory. Our inventory is diverse in the type of units we have as well as vast in the quantity of units. This is a fact for not just our sanitation services, but for climate control as well.

For our temporary restroom customers, we have different porta potty units for our special events customers than our industrial clients. Not all porta potty providers can make than claim. There are companies that if you rent a unit for your wedding or graduation party, that same unit may have been out on a construction site. While we keep all of our units in superior repair, the truth is industrial-use units will have more wear and tear over time. When you’re having your event, you want everything to be perfect, including your porta potty.

The porta potties we stock for our industrial customers also come in several varieties to make sure they fit the project. On Site doesn’t just have the standard construction unit, but also a mobile unit with wheels that can be moved around a job site, a hook unit a crane can move up to different floors of a building, and our high-rise unit, another more portable unit.

Beyond all this, On Site also has a large supply of ADA access units that are larger than standard units for people with disabilities, and a fleet of luxury restroom trailers for customers who want a more traditional restroom experience.

On Site also has a large quantity of units in our fleet, which allows us to handle multiple large special events (like fairs or marathons) at the same time as smaller events (weddings or private parties) while still serving our industrial clients.

High Tech

You wouldn’t think there could be a technological difference in the temporary sanitation and climate control worlds, but there is. We’ve actually written about this before, but here’s the short version.

On Site companies utilizes a software platform that allows all of our orders, routing, dispatch, and technicians to be constantly synced. All our drivers have iPads in their trucks. The iPads aren’t just GPS, but also are connected to the same software server as dispatch, routing, and order entry. This allows constant communication not just over phones, but actual data such as order details to be constantly updated on all sides. This enables not only our office team to make sure drivers and technicians have the latest information for delivery and service, but our field team can likewise communicate back any issues they encounter. The constant communication gives On Site high efficiency which translates to the service level our customers are accustomed to.

Teamwork makes the dream work

But the biggest investment in our infrastructure? It’s our people. It’s not just that we are constantly making sure we have the right people in the right seats, but it’s how we value our employees.

We make sure our employees are safe, with clean equipment in good repair. In our trucks, we have safety monitoring equipment. This helps us coach team members on safe driving habits so that everyone gets home to their loved ones at the end of the day. On Site makes sure our team members are paid well and we offer benefits that include health insurance, life insurance, paid time off, and more. Why do we invest in our people? Because, frankly, team members who are well taken care of take care of our customers well. More importantly, though, because it’s the right thing to do.

If you want to work with a company that has built up the infrastructure to do anything, call On Site Companies today at 800.210.8407

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