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Portable Toilets: What Do You Do with the Waste and Where Does it Go

Blog Banner: Portable Toilets: Where Does The Waste Go?

Whether you refer to it as a porta john, a porta potty, or a portable toilet, we all know what the purpose of this outdoor convenience. However, not many of us now how they work. More importantly, what to do with the remains.

Portable toilets are essential for any large outdoor gathering. Concerts and sporting events can draw tens of thousands of people who will all require access to restrooms. Public restroom facilities are not always available, especially in remote areas where some of these events take place. With all of those people using the portable toilets, it’s important to safely and quickly dispose of the remains. If waste isn’t disposed of properly there can be significant human health hazards as well as pollution of the environment.  So where does all of that waste go when the game ends and the concert goers head home?

How Do You Dispose of Porta Potty Waste

If you’re hosting an event that will require renting some porta potties, you’re going to have to have a plan to get the portable toilets emptied. Especially if you are hosting a multi-day event where visitors will be expecting access to clean and comfortable toilets each day.

Most porta potties operate in the same way. The waste falls from the toilet into a large bin that can hold gallons of waste. While these bins can hold quite a lot of waste before overfilling, you never want the porta potty to reach that point. An overflowing porta potty will make an extremely unpleasant mess. Each porta potty has a output hole on the side of the emptying bin. Many porta potties will have sensors on them that will indicate whether the bin needs to be emptied, saving you the trouble and disgust of having to pop your head in there to see first hand.

How you get the waste out of the bins requires contacting a sanitation company. The sanitation company will arrive on site with large trucks that have massive storing tanks. Then, they will connect large hoses into the output holes of the porta potty. The hoses suck out the waste using vacuum technology and empty the remains into their trucks large tanks. Depending on the type of truck, these hoses can extract the waste from the porta potties pretty quickly. Once they’ve extracted all of the waste, the crews will restock the porta potties with fresh toilet paper and fill the empty waste bins with a blue chemical substance that fights bacteria and keeps the bathroom smelling fresh. Some crews will leave a deodorizing substance or fragrance as well.

From there, the sanitation trucks will pack up and take off. The trucks will go to an authorized sanitation cleaning facility that will treat the waste safely and sanitarily. Many times the company that you rent the porta potties from will have partnerships with sanitation companies that can take care of the waste removal. When ordering porta potties for your event, you’ll want to ask your vendor whether or not they do. If not, contact the city where you’re hosting the event for details.

Portable Toilets From On Site

If you’re hosting an event and are in need of portable toilets, give us a call. On Site Companies offers a wide range of portable toilets from standard porta potties to luxury trailers. Your guests will also want to be able to wash up after using the restrooms, which is why we also supply additional services such as showers, hand washing and hand sanitation stations. Learn more about On Site and the variety of sanitation solutions we offer.

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