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Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potties: How Many Should You Have at Your Event?

When you host an event, you want to make sure that all of your guests are being cared for and this includes those with disabilities. In order to fully enjoy the event you’ve worked so hard on, individuals with disabilities will need adapted facilities (such as wheelchair accessible porta potties). We’re sure that you want to provide each of your guests with the best facilities possible, that’s why we offer wheelchair accessible porta potty rentals and accessibility packages. We want each and every one of your guests to feel welcome and cared for while at your special event.

ADA Requirements

When it comes to the matter of how many wheelchair accessible porta potties you need… There’s the number that you think you need and there’s the number that you’re required to provide. The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, which was passed in 1990, outlines specific instructions for providing facilities for Americans with disabilities.

If your event requires portable restrooms, you have to consider ADA regulations when ordering. It is recommended that you provide one wheelchair accessible portable restroom for every 10 regular portable restrooms required. These restrooms also shouldn’t be placed anywhere that requires the users to step up on a curb or any other inaccessible location. For a quick estimate of the number of accessible portable restrooms you need for your event, check out our portable restroom calculator. It can easily estimate how many restrooms you need according to how many people you estimate will attend your event.

Also, if you have rented luxury restroom trailers for public use, you must order an ADA compliant restroom trailer, because you must provide equal access to all services offered. You can’t simply get a wheelchair accessible portable restroom to be placed near the restroom trailer for all public events.

For other resources such as parking spaces, team prep, and all other aspects of your event check out our blog on ADA regulations for special events.

On Site Companies portable restroom calculator

Portable restroom calculatorThe On Site Companies portable restroom calculator is intended to be a tool to help estimate the number of portable restrooms your event will need. We take things into account like the length of the event, if alcohol is served, and whether there are more females than males attending.

This is meant to be only a tool to help estimate the number of portable restrooms that you should rent. Your On Site customer service representative will be able to assist you further with deciding the exact amount of restrooms that is appropriate for your event.

If your calculation is between one and two restrooms, you may want to consider one of our Instant Party Packages. These packages contain a range of portable restrooms, hand washing stations, and cardboard trash boxes save you hassle and money.

Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potties at On Site

As previously mentioned, we offer both enhanced access portable restrooms and accessibility packages. For an event that needs more than one wheelchair friendly restroom, we recommend renting a number of our enhanced access portable restrooms. These restrooms have interior features such as handrails, interior turning radius and direct side transfer from wheelchair to seat. And of course, all of our enhanced access restrooms are delivered clean, sanitized and ready to use. If you only need one handicap porta potty, we recommend you choose from one of our accessibility packages below.

Accessibility Package

Accessibility Package includes one Enhanced Access Portable Restrooms, one Hand Wash Station and one Cardboard Trash box.

Accessibility Plus Package

Accessibility Plus Package includes one Standard Portable Restroom Unit, one Enhanced Access Portable Restrooms, one Hand Wash Station and one Cardboard Trash box.

Get The Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potties You Need With On Site

No matter the size event you are planning, On Site has everything you need to make each guest feel cared for. If you’d like more information on our wheelchair accessible porta potty selection or would like help determining how many porta potties you need, feel free to send us a message. Our team will be more than happy to help you outfit your next event!

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