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Proud To Be In The PSAI

On Site Companies is proud to be a member of the Portable Sanitation Association International. On Site Companies has been a member of the PSAI nearly all of its 30 years. As a member of the PSAI, we hold to the highest standards. But, what is the Portable Sanitation Association International?

What is the PSAI

The mission of the PSAI is “is a world in which clean and safe sanitation is accessible to all.” Beyond that, the Portable Sanitation Association International also serves as the authority within the sanitation industry. It strives to increase the understanding of the role portable sanitation plays in public health. It also works to expand and improve portable sanitation facilities. Finally, the PSAI works to assist its members in building successful businesses.

The PSAI was founded in 1971, in Bloomington, MN. The first PSAI meeting was held that year in New Orleans. The first board of directors was formed with nine members from various companies in the industry. Board members are either portable restroom operators or suppliers whose companies are current members of the Portable Sanitation Association International. Today, the PSAI board of directors meets four times a year, as well as has conference calls as needed.

The PSAI in Action

Today, the Portable Sanitation Association International  is known for its set of standards that all members must adhere to. The Code of Excellence was formally adopted by the PSAI board of directors in May 2015. The Code of Excellence contains six parts; Excellence in Our Actions, Excellence in Our Reputation, Excellence in Our Relationships, Excellence in Our Operations, Excellence in Our Environment, and Excellence Acknowledgment.

Excellence in Action is about ethically conducting business and taking seriously our responsibilities to customers, employees, and the world. The Excellence in Reputation piece means maintaining certified and qualified personnel, providing clean portable restrooms, and listening to customer needs.  The next part, Excellence in Our Relationships, promotes treating everyone with respect, equal opportunity, and fair business practices with respect to competitors. Excellence in Our Operations refers to professionalism with equipment and keeping records. Then, there’s Excellence in Our Environment, which is about a commitment to health and safety as well as proper disposal of waste and protecting the environment. Finally, the Excellence Acknowledgement is a signed document stating the commitment to the PSAI Code of Excellence.

Beyond the Code of Excellence, the Portable Sanitation Association International also certifies portable sanitation professionals who perform to the standards of the PSAI. At On Site Companies, all but our newest technicians who have been on our team for less than a year are PSAI certified.

On Site and the Portable Sanitation Association International

On Site Companies has been a member of the PSAI for 29 of its 30 years. Even before that, our founder, Dave Holm, was PSAI certified. We’ve had a long relationship with the PSAI. Our co-founder, Karen Holm, even served as the Chair of the PSAI Board of Directors. Karen was the second woman ever to hold the position. It is easy to trace a line from the professionalism of On Site Companies and the standards the PSAI sets.

Not all temporary sanitation companies adhere to the same level of professionalism. Seeing a company is a member of the PSAI tells you about the standards of excellence you should expect from that company. If you want professional and reliable temporary sanitation, call On Site today at 651.429.3781 or check out our selection of porta potties and luxury restroom trailers.

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