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The Hidden Art of Sanitation

Unless you work in the sanitation industry (or write a blog!) you probably don’t give much thought to the temporary sanitation you see every day. In fact, there’s a good chance you don’t even notice all the porta potties and other sanitation services around you.

And, in a way, that’s good! Because really, when most people do notice sanitation it’s because something has gone wrong.

A Proud Tradition of Service

In stories, the role of the butler has become almost mythic. This is a man who is so perfect, they anticipate the hero’s every need. Everything is ready, it all flows seamlessly. You have Alfred, the loyal servant to Batman who not only manages to keep the mansion spotless, but also keeps the Batmobile, Batplane, and Batboat all perfectly maintained as well. All the work to make Batman possible comes from Alfred, yet he is a background character. He makes Batman operate without a hitch.

It’s not just Alfred either. The Avengers have their butler, Jarvis. Where would the Addams Family be without Lurch? Will Smith was lost without Geoffrey on “Fresh Prince.” And, who could ever forget Wadsworth as played by Tim Curry in the classic movie, “Clue?” Scrooge McDuck is stuck without Duckworth. Even the obscure cartoon superhero Freakazoid had his mute butler Ingmar! (“He’s mute, you know.”)

All of these butlers acted behind the scenes to make sure things move forward. They were almost invisible to those around them, their service at a level of expertise and professionalism of mythic proportions. Yet, there could never be success without them. They were counted on to always be there no matter what. The reliability of these butlers could never be questioned.

The Alfred To Your Batman

Good temporary sanitation is like a good butler. When your porta potty company is doing things right, they should be practically invisible. The porta potty should be set up at the right time in the right place, the unit should be clean on a regular schedule, and you should never even question if the unit is ready for you.

Professional and reliable service from your temporary sanitation company should be something you never have to think about. When we’re doing our job well, we should be all but invisible to you. After all, when you rented porta potties or restroom trailers, it was for a project or a job. That’s where your attention should be focused, not on whether or not your restroom is clean and ready for use on time.

That’s why On Site is the Alfred to your Batman. We are the ones behind the scenes to make you look good and successful. We sweat the sanitation details so you can focus on your project or event. And, like a good butler, we’re available whenever you call with our 24/7 tech support.

Call On Site today at 800-210-8407 to get your customized sanitation quote for your construction project or special event. Then, focus on your event or project and we’ll handle your sanitation.  As butlers say, “very good, sir.”

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