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The Safety Impacts of Portable Restrooms

Portable restrooms provide an array of benefits to the user. One the major benefits is serving as a safe, private space to relieve oneself instead of having to search for a bathroom off premises or using nearby woods or bushes for that purpose. At On Site Companies, we offer various types of portable restroom options that are safe and reliable for the public.

Let’s look at the safety impacts of portable restrooms in terms of how they affect humans and the environment.

Human Safety

Properly maintained portable restrooms and toilets prevents disease from spreading from person to person. These portable bathrooms are often treated with products that mitigate foul smells and the growth of parasites from human waste.

Portable restrooms used at events where food is served which also include handwashing with soap of sanitizer helps reduce the spread of illness and disease. If long-term portable restrooms are used, then service personnel may also clean and disinfect the units from time to time, further preventing the spread of bacteria and disease among individuals.

Environmental Safety

Human waste can travel through the environment and be a source of toxicity to wildlife. It can travel on the wings of insects, the hooves and paws of animals, and by human shoes. Clean portable restrooms prevent this environmental issue form occurring in parks, campgrounds, construction project sites, outdoor wedding venues, and other outdoor functions and gatherings.

If human feces are not disposed of properly they have the potential to contaminate bodies of water in close proximity. Some pathogens in this waste flourish in cold water and have the potential to spread diseases. Whether portable restrooms are spread out in various locations on a property or place in a centralized location, it is vital that human waste they contain is properly eliminated. Both portable restrooms and restroom trailers with toilets that flush and running water help ensure this is done.

At On Site Companies, we offer numerous options in portable restrooms and luxury restroom trailers to help keep both people and the environment protected from disease.

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