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How to Keep Your Dirty Construction Site Sanitary

It can be incredibly difficult to keep your construction site clean. After all, many of its spaces are under constant assault from sawdust, metal shavings, drywall or any other materials your crew is working with. And while each and every area of your site needs to be properly maintained to ensure safe and sanitary working conditions, it’s particularly important to keep a close eye on the condition of your sanitation facilities and toilets. That’s because clean hands and construction site bathrooms will protect your workers from the veritable tide of dangerous bacteria and germs that occupy your site, ensuring that they stay happy and in peak condition in the process. Here at On Site, we’re dedicated to keeping your construction sites as safe and sanitary as possible, so let’s take some time to discuss how you can keep your site up to code in terms of sanitation.

1. Hand-Washing Stations

Soap and water are two critical resources your site will need to mitigate the spread of germs and sickness. If you neglect to set your workers up with some form of high-quality hand-washing station, they’ll be forced to work, use the bathroom and eat food without any opportunities to sufficiently clean their hands. Regrettably, depending on the condition of your project, you may not have access to a steady supply of fresh, clean water. However, there are ways to work around this issue.

We recommend investing in portable hand-washing stations for your construction sites. These units can easily be placed near porta potties for quick and convenient use. If you’re looking for a specific model that’s both efficient and affordable, On Site offers rentals of our Construction Hand Wash Stations. These durable and clean sanitation units can provide your site with a large supply of clean water and come fully stocked with paper towels and soap. Furthermore, each model can facilitate over 600 separate washes while keeping its fresh water separated from wastewater.

2. Trash and Recycling Containers

It’s almost impossible for your team to keep a site clean and sanitary if it doesn’t have convenient access to trash and recycling containers. Not providing enough of these containers or placing them in areas that are difficult to reach will prevent your workers from effectively disposing of the waste that they create. It’s also critically important to ensure that these containers are emptied regularly.

After you’ve purchased or rented your containers, focus on strategically placing them throughout your site. Try to put at least one pair near each site entrance or exit. That way, workers who are just arriving or leaving at the end of the day will be able to toss out their garbage. It’s also a good idea to place recycling and trash containers in areas that see frequent traffic, including break areas where people take their lunch. If you’re not sure how many waste containers your specific site or team will require, then feel free to reach out to us for counsel.

3. High-Quality Portable Restrooms

Providing and maintaining a sufficient number of clean and comfortable bathrooms will make it much easier for you to keep your site sanitary. Unfortunately, it can be tough to determine exactly how many toilets your team will need. As a general rule, you should supply one porta potty for every ten workers at your site. For example, if you have 24 workers on your team, you’ll want to rent three bathrooms. (You should always round your workers up to the nearest multiple of ten to guarantee that your site won’t be plagued by long bathroom lines).

On Site can provide a wide variety of construction site bathrooms to meet your needs. We offer the best and most affordable sanitation solutions in the industry. Our most popular portable unit is the Standard Construction Portable Restroom. This model is made of sturdy materials that are specifically designed to withstand harsh conditions and day-to-day use. We also offer a Mobile Restroom (that can easily be hooked up to a small trailer) and Hook Unit Portable Restroom (that can be attached to a crane) if you need to frequently move your sanitation facilities to different areas around the site. All of our units are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before delivery to ensure that they are ready for immediate use.

Most importantly, On Site is committed to providing exceptional customer service and support for all of our clients. We’ll deliver and place each unit you order, service them as often as you need us to and take care of the entire pickup process, allowing you to focus on running your site and managing your team.

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