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Marathon Checklist: What You Need to Host Your Next Marathon

Running a marathon is quite a feat. Planning a race can sometimes feel equally tough. With a whole host of factors to consider, like budget, time of year, and location availability, you can quickly find yourself with a lot on your plate. On top of all that, your participants and spectators will also need the proper amenities. Things like porta potties, plenty of garbage bins, and first aid stations are just a few things that will give a good impression and keep everyone comfortable and safe throughout the event. Take a look at this marathon checklist, so you can avoid missing anything important.

Restrooms and Hand Washing Stations

Appropriate restrooms for marathons come in a variety of forms. Depending on the size of your race and number of expected spectators, you should provide separate restrooms for the race participants in order for them to feel more comfortable getting ready or quickly ducking in before or after the race. For your spectators, set up plenty of standard porta potties. This will keep lines short, and people from getting irritated. Also include plenty of hand washing stations to stop the spread of germs.

For participants, consider renting luxury restroom trailers. They provide a more traditional restroom experience with running water, flushing toilets, and heating or air conditioning. Plus, you can even find trailers that come equipped with showers, which can be extremely beneficial for participants who want to clean up after the race. Another thing that you want to consider is stationing porta potties throughout the race for the runners. This way, they are able to use the restroom comfortably as they need to throughout the race.

Here are a few additional items you may want to include as you plan your marathon setup:

    • Handicapped accessible restrooms
    • Baby changing stations
    • Hand sanitizer station
  • Plenty of trash boxes

Aid Stations

Providing aid stations around the course in various spots will be critical, as well as at the beginning and end of the race. Ideally, no one will get hurt throughout the race, but accidents do happen, and you should prepare for the worst. Have volunteers with first aid training working those aid stations to provide quick care to injured racers. Be sure to provide food and drinks at the stations, as well. Runners can get dangerously dehydrated throughout a race, and having a designated spot with healthy snacks and water could be lifesaving.

Shelter from the Elements

Keep attendees comfortable during the race by providing an area where they can cool off or warm up, depending on the time of year. Whether you set up a tent or other structure near the start of the race, the end, or both, attendees will appreciate being able to duck into a shelter for a quick breather before heading back out to cheer on their racer.

Runners can also benefit from a designated shelter, particularly if the weather is bad. Consider having a warm-up area at the start of the race and then providing a cool-down area at the finish, so that racers can stay safe and avoid injury. This could be something like a tent with portable heaters or portable air conditioners. Plus, the weather is never truly predictable, and will typically be cooler in the morning than the afternoon, so it may be beneficial to provide both options.

Booths for Sponsors or Activities

If your marathon has one or more sponsors, provide booths or an area where they can set up and educate or promote your attendees about who they are, their mission, and why they’re sponsoring your race. You should also consider having activities that your attendees can participate in separate from the race. This can transform your event into more than a race! Consider hosting a concert after the marathon, bringing in food trucks for hungry racegoers, or providing activities for kids. Providing those extra activities will help keep people at your event longer, as well as bring in more people who aren’t necessarily running.

Secure the Marathon Amenities You Need with On Site

Don’t leave your marathon participants and spectators without a proper toilet or a place to cool off. With On Site, you can provide luxury restroom trailers and even portable air conditioning for when the weather is warm. Sometimes the little details can make all the difference! With our exceptional customer service, we can help you deliver a marathon experience like no other. Contact us for a quote to get started today!

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