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Comprehensive Outdoor Wedding Checklist

Your wedding day is one of the most magical days of your life, but it can also be one of the most stressful ones. Planning a wedding—particularly an outdoor one—can be overwhelming. You’ve got a lot of details to remember and you definitely don’t want to leave anything out, potentially spoiling part of your day. We’ve put together a comprehensive outdoor wedding checklist to keep you on track and help you check off the essentials.


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Setting Your Non-Profit Event Up for Success

Event planning can be overwhelming—especially for non-profit organizations that may only host a few events each year, or that don’t have a large budget. While a well-done non-profit event can be extremely rewarding, it takes a lot of time and patience to plan and execute. Details like guest lists, venue location, and amenities can trip you up and cause you to lose sight of the original purpose of this special day. But we’re here to help! These tips and tricks can help you nail down the most important elements of your event, putting you on the path to success.


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Marathon Checklist: What You Need to Host Your Next Marathon

Running a marathon is quite a feat. Planning a race can sometimes feel equally tough. With a whole host of factors to consider, like budget, time of year, and location availability, you can quickly find yourself with a lot on your plate. On top of all that, your participants and spectators will also need the proper amenities. Things like porta potties, plenty of garbage bins, and first aid stations are just a few things that will give a good impression and keep everyone comfortable and safe throughout the event. Take a look at this marathon checklist, so you can avoid missing anything important.


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Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potties: How Many Should You Have at Your Event?

When you host an event, you want to make sure that all of your guests are being cared for and this includes those with disabilities. In order to fully enjoy the event you’ve worked so hard on, individuals with disabilities will need adapted facilities (such as wheelchair accessible porta potties). We’re sure that you want to provide each of your guests with the best facilities possible, that’s why we offer wheelchair accessible porta potty rentals and accessibility packages. We want each and every one of your guests to feel welcome and cared for while at your special event. (more…)

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Fun Ways to Incorporate Porta Potties Into Your Event

Porta potties are the perfect solution for social events hosted in places that do not have access to traditional plumbing. But despite how incredibly convenient they are, some may feel apprehensive about renting porta potties, fearful that they may be too tacky or unsightly for an event. Fortunately, there are many fun and creative ways to mitigate these issues and effectively incorporate porta potties into your events, festivals, weddings, and get-togethers. (more…)

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How to Choose Between a Portable Toilet and a Toilet Trailer

When it comes to hosting an event, there are many preparations to consider. You need to book the venue, arrange a caterer, and provide adequate facilities for your guests. Sometimes, even the best venues fall short when it comes to the number of toilets they have onsite. That’s where portable toilets come in handy. (more…)

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What is Required to Run a Luxury Restroom Trailer?

Hosting a big event or a fancy wedding? When planning which venue to choose for the big day, you may run into some issues. Mainly, some venues don’t contain enough restrooms to handle your expected attendees. The first thing that might come to your mind when you think temporary bathrooms are probably standard porta potties. Standard porta potties work fine in most instances, but maybe not your black tie event or wedding day. That’s where luxury restroom trailers come in. (more…)

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Does My Public Park Need Porta Johns, and How Many Do I Need?

So many decisions go into running a public park or municipality. You have to organize landscapers, trash pickup and park maintenance workers. Another important, and frequently overlooked, aspect of managing public parks and spaces is the porta john management. (more…)

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How Many Porta Potties Do I Need for My Wedding?

Blog Banner - How Many Porta Potties Do I Need For My Wedding?

Your wedding is going to be so perfect. You’ve found the ideal, rustic location –an old barn in the middle of a field or on the banks of a beautiful lake. The only problem is: the location doesn’t come with bathrooms. (more…)

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Do I Need a Luxury Portable Bathroom for My Wedding?

Starting to plan a wedding is a big task. This process can get easily overwhelming. You’ll have to make tons of decisions and probably have to deal with people trying to sell you things you may not actually need. When we’re talking about portable bathroom options for weddings, most couples consider them an afterthought. But the big questions are, do you need to rent luxury portable bathrooms for your wedding, or will standard porta potties do? (more…)

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